The World’s Largest Armed Force

My politics teacher thinks that the U.S would fall to North Korea in a groud war invasion because the North Korean Army outnumbers them by 4mil. I asked him “What about the 80,000,000 gun owners outfitted with 300,000,000 firearms.” His answer, “the Koreans would have their hands full with that now wouldnt they”

I feel like there’s a storm brewin in the states

So my province now has an openly gay female premier(which is like a governor with much less power). Pretty cool right on Ontario. Except for the fact the liberals are still power, which for those that aren’t Canadian, liberals created the welfare state of Ontario which sucks.

Worst “Journalist/Reporter” Ever ?

I really don’t get why Piers Morgan is sucha famed journalist he cant fairly run a talk show. He’s fleeing from charges in Britain and purgered his own story with fake info. And when people make points that he can’t combat he simply cuts the damn show to commercial, and puts words on their mouth. This guy is a complete bafoon.

I would interpret excecutive action against the second amendment as a facist attack on the American people.

Am I the only one thats thought, “Ive probably come up at least once on a watchlist for people the government probably considers political extremists” Ive even heard that here in Canada, the Harper government has been monitoring stuff like tumblr and even changing statements people have made that they consider false and dangerous to them.

Imagine showing a liberal a real “high powered round” like a 30-30 or a .308, we would be saying bye to our hunting rifles as well. I saw a guy tell Pierce Morgan that .223 is for squirrel hunting, and he completeley changed topics.

Edit: add a .338 lapua magnum in that

America, Don’t Become Another Gun Controlled State

I hope all you yanks are ready to defend your gun rights. In Canada we lost our Higher capacity mag’s, and clips for semi autos that take them like SKS’s, in the 80’s much before my time. So basically what I mean is that don’t let a knee jerk reaction of a firearm incompetent nation erode your constitutional right! In most countries like mine it’s already to late. 

If people want to have this “conversation” about gun control I say “Let’s Do It”. There’s more people who wants guns then don’t we can prove them wrong. Just make sure the person repsresenting us isn’t some idiot just saying “people kill people”. Use real points, real statistics. And show then that the people will not lay down their rights.

Dear Canadians, I know how to defeat the Fire Arm Act (1995)

Whilst brain-storming ideas for my term paper for my law class, I have an idea on how us Canadians could combat our gun-control. If the Quebec ruling on their own system of gun-control goes through, we can now argue in the supreme court that the division of power for the FireArms Act 1995, is now ultra vires for the federal government and is intra vires for the provinces. As Alberta was turned down in the federal court in 2000 for challenging the Fire Arms Act, they could appeal it in their provincial court as create their own system. As could any province. Just a thought, im obviously not a lawyer please give me your input. 

* This is my own individual idea, give credit where credit is due, as of today I have not known of anyone else with this idea please tell me if there is any earlier recording of this