I want this soo bad sbr double barrel shotgun with standard unregistered lisence here in canunkistan. Why is Norinco so awesome and cheap.

You anti gunners are pretty dumb.

What people don’t get is that a lisence system is probably more flawed than background checks to anti-gun people, just you guys are too dumb to research. Here in Canada you wait 3 months for a lisence and then its open season buy out every gun at the store all the ammo no waiting period no limits. Suck on that.

And p.s we just got rid of our rifle and shotgun registry

I feel like there’s a storm brewin in the states

Obama says he skeet shoots all the time. “I need a drone strike, 2 red clay enemy combatants”

Obama says he skeet shoots all the time. “I need a drone strike, 2 red clay enemy combatants”

Nononononononono just heard someone on CNN say that AR’s were built, get this. FOR THE GERMANS TO FIGHT THE RUSSIANS. That’s it, its over they win.

The horrified look on my face when I’m at a house party, and a girl finds the girl’s dad’s gun and starts waving it in the air. I safety cleared it and tolder her to put it the fuck away, and trigger discipline for fucksakes.

P.s I’m sure someone will ask, It was a really old revolver it had the indents for the black powder primer caps so it must have been an heirloom or some shit too dark to see the make

Have a fun gun safety story

Me and friends in my buddies garage*

Friend1: Sick airsoft gun bro, is it loaded?

Guy who’s garage were in: No its empty

Friend1: pumps gun* points at my friends face* pulls trigger* inserts a 6mm bb into my friends eye

“trigger disciplines for pussies, so is safety checking any type of projectile shooting mechanism” -said guys missing fingers and eyes

America, Don’t Become Another Gun Controlled State

I hope all you yanks are ready to defend your gun rights. In Canada we lost our Higher capacity mag’s, and clips for semi autos that take them like SKS’s, in the 80’s much before my time. So basically what I mean is that don’t let a knee jerk reaction of a firearm incompetent nation erode your constitutional right! In most countries like mine it’s already to late. 

Maybe as pro gun people we should pretend we like ARs, “oh no don’t take our high powered, super full automatic, heat seeking, baby killing gun”. So if they do ban gun types they don’t touch our AK’s, SKS’s, and FAL’s. Those anti gun idiots can’t see past the black paint job, and collaspable stock anyways.

If people want to have this “conversation” about gun control I say “Let’s Do It”. There’s more people who wants guns then don’t we can prove them wrong. Just make sure the person repsresenting us isn’t some idiot just saying “people kill people”. Use real points, real statistics. And show then that the people will not lay down their rights.