Time to wakeup

Seen so many reactions over the latest 4 shooting in Toronto, that “Canada has strict gun control this shouldn’t happen!” And that people are ashamed. Realize that gun control dosent work. Wake Up People!

What a Joke

Almost all the questions asked to Aurora police chief were about his “scary” ar 15, instead of asking about the victims condition……just heard a news reporter call it a 17 gauge shotgun. It’s going to be a long day…. another thing an assault rifle has select fire, something an ar does not have.

How can a steel mechanism that ignites powder be to blame, and not the sicko that shoots 64 people. I haven’t heard one person talk about the guy only the gun he carried.

The Real Monsters

Following the 64 victim shooting in Colorado, liberals are already using it as a vehicle for political agenda. Who’s the real monnster here, a peace, and freedom loving gun owner or a liberal using tragedy to complete their mindless agenda. Yes it was a tragedy, yes that guy was a sicko but defying the right of a people is never the answer.